A: Training is for everyone! The human body was designed to work. Everyone no matter age/weight/gender can benefit from training!

A: APEX’s sports training is scaled to you. We design programs based off your ability level. At a consultation one of our staff members will help create a personalized program that will tailor completely to you.

A: Give us a call or email and we will set you up for a complementary fitness evaluation. At the evaluation we will customize a personal plan to get you on the fast track to results.

A: Yes and No, Athletes train their bodies to perform specific functions. In most cases an athlete’s workouts will tailor to a sports specific demand. (Increased speed, agility, power and acceleration) Personal training is also customized to the client’s specific function… In that sense they are similar. Personal training however, is more generalized to certain fields and reaches a more diverse range of clientele (Weight loss, strength building, release stress, overall health etc.) They both offer the client results but at the same time differ in main goals.

A: That depends on you! In most cases people will see results immediately, a person who puts in great effort will always get great results. A person who puts in little effort will get little results. Your body is there to function for you. It runs like a machine and pretty much everything that happens inside of it has a reason. We use scientifically proven methods of training to help change your bodies functioning patterns. If a client is overweight and wants to become fit and healthy, we want their body to function like that of a fit and healthy person. If you push yourself and work hard you can expect great results!

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